• Nicola Spaldin named new member of the ERC Science Council

    The European Commission has just elected MARVEL project leader Nicola Spaldin of ETHZ as a member of the ERC Science Council.

  • Fix the leaky pipeline — One-to-one mentoring

    The "Fix the leaky pipeline!" program will start a 3rd round of the one-to-one mentoring program for female PhD students (3rd year or above) and postdocs in the ETH Domain.

  • Diamants, alu, caoutchouc, ils sont fous ces matériaux in January 2021

    MARVEL and EPFL Science outreach department announce a new edition of the science workshop Diamants, alu, caoutchouc, ils sont fous ces matériaux, an initiative of the equal opportunities actions targeted at young girls.

  • Discovery and design of novel materials in silico: current state of the field

    MARVEL project leader Oleg Yazyev writes about his views on computations as an instrument for the discovery and design of new materials. He provides a broad overview of the field and gives a few examples of interesting materials discovered in silico (i.e. on computer) in his group and later verified experimentally.

  • Sauradeep Majumdar wins the FameLab International 2020 competition

    MARVEL doctoral researcher Sauradeep Majumdar has won the FameLab International 2020 science communication competition with his three-minute talk explaining how scientists are using carbon capture to combat climat change.

  • Michele Ceriotti awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant of 2 million euro

    MARVEL Professor Michele Ceriotti, of EPFL's Laboratory of Computational Science and Modeling (COSMO), was awarded the prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant.

  • Flexibility Grants: The SNSF support for researchers with families

    "Pursue your career while raising a family." This is what the SNSF proposes with the Flexibility Grants.

  • Two new INSPIRE Potentials fellows will join MARVEL for their Master's research projects

    We are happy to announce that Elena Gazzarini (King's College, London) and Yuri Cho (UniBas) were granted INSPIRE Potentials – MARVEL Master's Fellowships after the October 2020 call. The two women will join MARVEL labs for a 6-month Master's research project — congratulations!

  • Michele Simoncelli wins the 2020 Chorafas Foundation Award for his contributions to the quantum theory of heat conduction in solids

    Michele Simoncelli, a doctoral student at the Theory and Simulation of Materials (THEOS) lab of Professor Nicola Marzari and NCCR MARVEL, has been awarded the 2020 Chorafas Foundation Award for his contributions to the theory of heat conduction in solids. His PhD thesis is about two novel equations: the first sheds light on how heat propagates at the quantum mechanical level, and the second generalizes the 200-year old Fourier heat equation for the temperature, explaining why heat propagation can become fluid-like, rather than diffusive in electronic or phononic devices. His contributions have already been applied in the fields of renewable energies, aerospace and electronics. 

  • Two MARVEL researchers named associate professor by ETH Board

    MARVEL PIs Michele Ceriotti, involved in Design and Discovery Projects 1 and 2 and Oleg Yazyev, involved in Design and Discovery Project 6, have been named associate professors by the ETH Board.

  • Emiliana Fabbri receives SNSF PRIMA grant

    Emiliana Fabbri, senior researcher in the Electrocatalysis and Interfaces group at PSI, has been awarded a PRIMA grant from the SNSF to support her research. She has been associated with MARVEL since May 2020 as group leader in Design and Discovery Project 4 with an Agility Plus grant on "Search for MOF-based catalysts for the electrochemical splitting of water".

  • Two MARVEL papers among the 10 most cited Physical Review Materials articles

    Physical Review Materials has collected a selection of 10 of the most-cited papers that the journal published between 2017 and 2019. Two of these papers were published in the context of the NCCR MARVEL.