Education and Training

Computational design and discovery of novel materials is a discipline straddling the frontier between many diverse fields, including  physics, materials, chemistry, and computer science, and with relevance to disciplines as diverse as earth sciences, mechanical engineering, or biology.

MARVEL draws students from programs in all these fields. Through the University curriculum, computational science is present at all levels (Bachelor, Master, PhD). MARVEL has the opportunity to be present and inform of coherent offerings in these programs, as well as initiate, co-organize, or sponsor doctoral schools, summer schools, tutorials, and workshops, and also develop and provide key online educational material.

Moreover, with the ubiquity of computers in current lifestyles, computational science is also an attractive way to increase the interest of young people to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

MARVEL draws interest from primary scholars to postdoctoral fellows, including those from emerging countries.