Actions towards girls and young women

To awake the interest of young girls for scientific careers, special events are organized at EPFL and in Switzerland, such as Polythèmes, scientific summer camps, Maths en jeu or the Coding club des filles. These events are very successful and answer to an overwhelming demand from parents and children.

Scientific workshops Polythèmes

The scientific workshops Polythèmes aim at teaching how to tackle a scientific problem and how to learn scientific concepts by experimentation. Children discover how interesting and amazing sciences are and why they are useful for the society. These workshops are taking place on Wednesdays afternoon. A Polythème entitled Diamant, alu, caoutchouc, ils sont fous ces matériaux ! related to MARVEL fields has been developed and is organized twice a year, for 7 to 10 years old girls.

Chemistry summer camp for 11 to 13 years old girls and boys

This 5-days chemistry camp is organized in a real chemistry lab in August and gives the opportunity to about 10 girls and 10 boys aged 11 to 13 years to discover different fields of chemistry and chemical engineering.  Besides experiments accompanied by theoretical explanations, research labs opened their doors to the participants who can discuss with researchers who act as role models and learn about the interest and the usefulness of their research for the society.