Meet former and current INSPIRE Potentials fellows as #NCCRWomen of MARVEL

This was published on March 27, 2023
Last modifications on March 31, 2023

With this new MARVEL week in the #NCCRWomen campaign, meet former and current MARVEL INSPIRE Potentials fellows and discover their portraits on Twitter and Instagram. After Virginie de Mestral on Monday, Yuri Cho Tuesday,  Arianna Cantarella Wednesday and Linda Mauron yesterday, meet today Melika Honarmand.
The MARVEL INSPIRE Potentials fellowships empower excellent women students to conduct a Master's research project in simulation and modeling in an NCCR MARVEL laboratory. 
Next application deadline: 15 April 2023!

"That's a big yes. I've always been curious about understanding how nature works."

Meet Virginie de Mestral, former MARVEL INSPIRE Potentials fellow and now PhD student funded by InnoSuisse in the group of Mathieu Luisier at ETH Zurich. Read her interview here and her video outlining highlights of the program here.

"Rather than worry, believe that you can do anything with courage, and experience it!" 

Meet Yuri Cho, former MARVEL INSPIRE Potentials fellow in the group of Anatole von Lilienfeld at the University of Basel and now PhD student in the Laboratory for Computational Molecular Design (LCMD) at EPFL. Read her interview here.

"We, as women, are still trying to gain respect and trust from the scientific community, which men, historically, have never had to do."

Meet Arianna Cantarella, MARVEL INSPIRE Potentials fellow in the Laboratory of Theory and Simulation of Materials (THEOS) at EPFL. She is about to finish her Master project and you can read her interview here.

"If you wish to do something, there shouldn't be other people that won't let you do what you're passionate about."

Meet Linda Mauron, MARVEL INSPIRE Potentials fellow in the Computational Quantum Science Laboratory (CQSL) at EPFL. She started her Master project in January and you can read her interview here.

"If you're interested in science, go for it! Don't let anything get in your way! If the voices are too loud just put on some music and do it. You're the one who shapes your future."

Meet Melika Honarmand, MARVEL INSPIRE Potentials fellow in the Laboratory of Computational Science and Modeling (COSMO) at EPFL. She is a Bachelor student in computer science and started a research project there in January . You can read her interview here.

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