MARVEL Members Part of Team Awarded 14-Million Euro 2018 Synergy Grant

This was published on November 6, 2018

Gabriel Aeppli, professor at the Paul Scherrer Institute and a member of MARVEL's Scientific Advisory Board and Nicola Spaldin, professor at ETH Zurich and a MARVEL Group Leader, are part of a team that have been awarded a 2018 ERC Synergy Grant for their project "HERO" — Hidden, Entangling and Resonating Orders.   

The group, which also includes Henrik Ronnow of EPFL and Alexander Balatsky of the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, was one of only twenty seven research groups across Europe won highly-coveted ERC Synergy Grants. Worth in total €250 million, this funding enables groups of two to four lead researchers to bring together complementary skills, knowledge and resources to jointly address research problems at the frontiers of knowledge. The grants are part of the EU's research and innovation program, Horizon 2020.    

The 27 projects engage 88 lead researchers who will carry out their projects at 63 universities and research centers in 17 countries across the European Research Area. Demand for these grants was high: 295 research proposals were evaluated, of which 9% were selected for funding. Some 15% of the grantees are women, and they take part in 13 out of 27 projects (48%). 

The full press release from the ERC can be found here.

A PSI article on the research can be found here.

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