IBM's RXN for Chemistry project team wins 2022 Sandmeyer award

This was published on December 7, 2021

The 'RXN for Chemistry' project team from IBM Research Zurich has won the 2022 edition of the Sandmeyer award, which is presented annually to a team or an individual for outstanding work in the field of industrial or applied chemistry. Congratulations to the team!

The award went to Alain Vaucher, Daniel Probst, Philippe Schwaller, Theophile Gaudin, Teodoro Laino, Matteo Manica, Alessandra Toniato, Federico Zipoli, Antonio Cardinale, Alessandro Castrogiovanni, Heiko Wolf, Aleksandros Sobczyk, Joppe Geluykens. Several of the team members are involved in MARVEL.

The committee acknowledges their important scientific breakthrough in the digitalization of synthetic organic chemistry that helps to improve digital workflows with state-of-the-art machine learning technologies.

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