Inc 1 - Solid-State Ionics

There is a major need for solid-state ionic conductors that have sufficient performance, address the mechanical issues intrinsic to current ceramic ion conductors and that can be manufactured in a scalable and cost-effective process. Primary objective for the project Inc 1 — Design and Discovery of Novel Solid-State Ionic Conductors — is the accelerated discovery of novel materials with improved ionic conductivity and that are electrochemically stable.  Li-ion conductors are targeted first, with Na-ion conductors as possible follow-ups.

The project is led by Teodoro Laino.

Group Leaders

Teodoro Laino
Project leader
IBM, Rüschlikon
Nicola Marzari
EPFL, Lausanne
Daniele Pergolesi
Group leader, Inc1
PSI, Villigen PSI