Training, coaching and mentoring

Women PhD students and postdocs are encouraged to take part in training, mentoring and coaching programmes organized in the different institutions involved in MARVEL. These are regularly advertised on this website and are open to all the MARVEL women scientists.

REGARD training programme, for women researchers at EPFL, UniFR and UniGE. Around 20 workshops are organized every year, on issues related to career planning, communication, leadership, etc. Participation is free for women researchers of the program’s partner institutions.

Fix the leaky pipeline! for women researchers at EPFLETHZPSI and Empa. Coaching groups and training courses are organized to offer young scientists the opportunity to reflect on their professional situations, develop a strategy for embarking or continuing on their career paths, receive targeted further training, and extend their personal and scientific networks. 

Réseau romand de mentoring pour femmes, for advanced women PhD students and postdoc at EPFL, UniFR, UniGE. Through one-on-one mentoring with a individually selected professor, training and networking, this programme seeks to enhance the position of women researchers aiming at a career in academia. 

antelope, for women PhD students and postdocs at UniBas. Over a 10-month period, the program supports early career researchers to systematically plan and promote their careers and prepare them for future leadership and management assignments.

COMET, for women postdocs at UniBE. This career programme, carried out annually until 2020, supports women researchers in successfully pursuing their academic careers; by means of an individually customized programme the participants enhance their skills, know-how and motivation.

Academic Mentoring and Shadowing, for women PhD students and postdoc at USI. This programme enables young scientists to be teamed up with a mentor, to apply to shadow an expert working in another academic institution and to take part in training workshops and events.

Peer mentoring groups, open to men and women PhD students and researchers at UZH. The aim of this programme is to foster the scientific career of junior researchers within closed — preferably interdisciplinary — and selfinitiated groups.