MARVEL seminar on open science and open access

Jun 17, 2021, from 14:30 until 15:30, Zoom

This 1-hour seminar will offer PhD students and postdocs an overview on open science and open access in publications and data. It will include presentations by Nicola Spaldin, Nicola Marzari and Giovanni Pizzi on these key concepts.


  • Prof. Nicola Spaldin (ETHZ, chief editor of Physical Review Research and member of ERC Council); she will talk about the motivation at Physical Review for establishing Physical Review Research as open access journal and how open access is treated at the ERC Council level.
  • Prof. Nicola Marzari (EPFL, director of MARVEL); he will present the best practices in open access publishing to be compliant with the SNSF rules in this domain.
  • Dr Giovanni Pizzi (EPFL, head of the MARVEL Open Science Platform); he will present the Materials Cloud platform and the use of it to deposit the data underlying MARVEL publications, as part of the MARVEL Research Data Management Strategy

The seminar will include time for discussion and questions.

To watch the seminar:


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