7th MaNEP winter school on Quantum Materials at the Nanoscale

This was published on November 14, 2016

The 2017 MaNEP Winter School will take place in Saas Fee from January 8 to 13 2017. It combines introductory courses with more specialized lectures in the field of correlated quantum matter.

The school aims at a broad introduction to topics of current interest in condensed-matter physics. A special focus is put on nanoscale phenomena in quantum materials, especially on local probes investigating such materials at the nanoscale. Three long lectures will provide an introduction to various classes of materials, to the fundamental aspects of spectroscopy of correlated electron materials, and to microscopy as well as local probes of topography and spectroscopy. Five shorter lectures will cover: recent advances in nanomagnetism and dichalcogenides, as well as introductions to electro-active functional materials, photovoltaics, and to resistive switching in random-access memories.

The school targets an audience at the doctoral and post-doctoral levels. A background in general condensed-matter physics should be sufficient. All lectures are given in English.

This school can also interest MARVEL students.

Click here for more information and registration (registration deadline: Novembrer 18, 2016)

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