Michele Simoncelli wins the SPS Award in Computational Physics

This was published on October 5, 2023

The award recognizes the contributions “to a modern theory of thermal transport in solids” from his PhD research supervised by Nicola Marzari. 

Michele Simoncelli (on the right) receives the award from Sven Friedel, managing director of COMSOL Multiphysics, Zurich. Credit: Swiss Physical Society.

At the macroscopic level, it discusses a set of “viscous heat equations” that generalise 200-years-old Fourier’s law, explaining why in graphitic devices heat propagation can become fluid-like, rather than diffusive.

Simoncelli has been working as a research fellow at University of Cambridge since 2021. His most recent contributions rationalized the emergence of viscous heat backflow in extreme thermal conductors, hybridization of crystal- and glass-like transport and anomalous conductivity trends emerging in minerals.

Simoncelli received the award on the 5th September 2023 in Basel.

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