Past events

  • MARVEL site visit 2023

    Mar 28, 2023, 9:00 until Mar 29, 2023, 18:00, SwissTech Convention Center, EPFL

    The Site Visit for MARVEL year 9 will take place at EPFL on March 28-29, 2023. At this occasion, the Review Panel — international board of evaluation of the NCCR MARVEL — will meet the members of the project.

  • MARVEL Distinguished Lecture — Kristian Sommer Thygesen

    Mar 23, 2023, from 15:00 until 16:15, Zoom

    The 33rd NCCR MARVEL Distinguished Lecture will be given by Prof. Kristian Sommer Thygesen, professor computational atomic-scale materials design at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He will be presenting a lecture entitled: "Emergent Properties in Flatland: When One Plus One is More than Two".

  • MARVEL Junior Seminar — February 2023

    Feb 23, 2023, from 12:15 until 13:30, Coviz2 (MED 2 1124), EPFL + Zoom

    The MARVEL Junior Seminar series are back, now in hybrid mode, in order to maintain in-person contacts and allow off-campus attendees to follow the seminars remotely! The MARVEL Junior Seminars aim to intensify interactions between the MARVEL Junior scientists belonging to different research groups.  We are pleased to propose the 50th MARVEL Junior Seminar: Taylor Baird (CECAM, EPFL) and Chiheb Ben Mahmoud (COSMO, EPFL) will present their research. The seminar will be chaired by Miriam Pougin (LSMO, EPFL).

  • From women's eyes

    Feb 11, 2023, from 15:00 until 17:00, Online

    "In order to achieve full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls, the United Nations General Assembly declared February 11 as the International day of Women and Girls in Science in 2015” (from the UN website). CECAM honors this important occasion with a special afternoon dedicated to women who contributed to our field and beyond.

  • MARVEL Review and Retreat January 2023

    Jan 18, 2023, 17:00 until Jan 20, 2023, 14:00, Grindelwald

    The ninth MARVEL Review and Retreat will take place on January 18 to 20, 2023 in the mountains in Grindelwald. The event will gather all MARVEL members, group leaders as well as postdocs and students. Presentations will show to all the community where the projects stand and what are the next steps. 

  • MARVEL Distinguished Lecture — Heather Kulik

    Dec 13, 2022, from 15:00 until 16:30, Zoom

    The 32nd NCCR MARVEL Distinguished Lecture will be given by Prof. Heather Kulik, professor of chemical engineering at the MIT. She will be discussing materials discovery in challenging spaces with machine learning, from transition metal complexes to metal-organic frameworks.

  • CECAM-MARVEL Classics in molecular and materials modelling: Antoine Georges and Gabriel Kotliar

    Dec 08, 2022, from 15:00 until 17:45, Online

    Antoine Georges (Flatiron Institute & Collège de France) and Gabriel Kotliar (Rutgers University & Brookhaven National Laboratory) will give a joint lecture on "Dynamical mean-field theory", in what will be the eighth event in the series "Classics in molecular and materials modelling" hosted by CECAM and MARVEL.

  • CECAM-MARVEL Classics in molecular and materials modelling: Giorgio Parisi and Marc Mézard

    Nov 03, 2022, from 15:00 until 17:30, Online

    Giorgio Parisi (Università di Roma la Sapienza) and Marc Mézard (Università Bocconi Milano) will give a joint lecture on "Simulation methods for spin glasses with applications in optimization", in what will be the seventh event in the series "Classics in molecular and materials modelling" hosted by CECAM and MARVEL.

  • 2022 Young Researchers’ Meeting (YRM) of the European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility

    Sep 05, 2022, 9:00 until Sep 09, 2022, 18:00, Marseille, France

    MARVEL is supporting again this year the Young Researchers’ Meeting (YRM) of the European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility. Registration is open for this 18th edition, which will be held in Marseille (France) from 5 to 9 September 2022. Deadline on 1st of July.

  • Psi-k conference

    Aug 22, 2022, 14:00 until Aug 25, 2022, 18:00, SwissTech Convention Center, EPFL

    Psi-k 2022 is the 6th general conference for the worldwide Psi-k community. Typically held every 5 years, this event is the largest worldwide in first-principles simulations. With more than 1000 participants attending the past 2010 and 2015 editions, it promises to be the most exciting, defining event in the field, offering an intense but enjoyable atmosphere, in addition to a chance to explore the beautiful region around Lausanne and Lake Geneva.  

  • Swiss Equivariant Machine Learning Workshop

    Jul 11, 2022, 9:00 until Jul 14, 2022, 17:00, CECAM, Lausanne

    Machine learning (ML) based atomistic models are often faced with the challenge of learning physical or chemical properties that have well-defined transformations (equivariance) under translation, rotation,  and reflections of the corresponding atomic structures. The last few years have seen significant progress on enhancing ML approaches by including symmetry preserving operations, which has led to noteworthy improvements in both the accuracy and data-efficiency of models predicting physical quantities.

  • 2022 Summer camp for high-school students

    Jun 27, 2022, 9:00 until Jul 01, 2022, 17:00, EPFL, Lausanne

    The 1-week camp entitled Des atomes aux ordinateurs, à la découverte de la programmation scientifique  is open to teenagers in the last two years of high-school, with no high-level in maths or physics prerequisite. A prior knowledge of the basics of programming is recommended. It is possible to acquire these notions independently if necessary (within 3-4 hours). Half of the seats are reserved for young women.