2nd Experimental verification workshop

Oct 23, 2015, from 10:00 until 17:15, Empa, Dübendorf

The second “experimental verification” workshop of the NCCR MARVEL will be held at Empa, Dübendorf, on October 23, 2015.

The meeting of 2014 at PSI acted as effective ideas catalyser and the first call for “Experimental verifica­tion” MARVEL proposals led to the selection eight currently running projects.

The major aim of this workshop is to report on the existing projects from the experimental platform of Marvel (approved at the beginning of 2015) initiate future collaborations between theory groups from the NCCR and experimental groups (from PSI, EMPA and Swiss Universities) and to prepare for the call of proposals end of November 2015.

This year we will focus more on the following question: WHAT IS THE MEANING OF “EXPERIMENTAL VALIDATION”? The simulation-driven discovery of novel materials requires the guide of the experimental groups playing an important role not only for a “a posteriori” verification of the theoretical prediction, but also in suggesting important steps to be considered in the theoretical design: synthesis, contacts, experimental conditions, roadmap to application. 

Participants are expected to give a short presentation (max 5 minutes) about a project idea. We expect projects ideas that are relevant to MARVEL ranging from general vague ideas to concrete plans. The projects must contribute to the experimental verification involving sample growth or characterization of NCCR MARVEL topics. Presentations can be from theory and experiment groups.

Three invited speakers will inspire the audience on this discussion line:

  • Rolf Erni (Electron microscopy center, Empa)
  • Patrice Bujard (BASF; Basel)
  • Teodoro Laino (IBM Zurich)
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