Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board has the formal role of suggesting research lines that need to be strengthened within the NCCR, or that have run their course, and act as an independent reviewer of the activities of the NCCR in addition to the official Review Panel of the SNSF.

The members are:

  • Prof. Giulia Galli, Liew Family Professor, Institute for Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago
  • Prof. Gabriel Aeppli, Synchrotron Radiation and Nanotechnology, Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen
  • Prof. Gian-Luca Bona, Director of Empa, Dübendorf
  • Prof. Karsten Jacobsen, Center for Atomic-scale Materials Design, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby
  • Dr. Boris Kozinsky, Robert Bosch Research and Technology Center, Cambridge MA
  • Prof. Alexander Lichtenstein, Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Hamburg
  • Dr. Sadasivan Shankar, Margaret and Will Hearst Visiting Lecturer in Computational Science and Engineering, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Cambridge MA
  • Prof. Risto Nieminen, Chairman of Psi-K network and Dean of Aalto University School of Science, Helsinki
  • Prof. Ignacio Pagonabarraga, Director of CECAM - Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire, EPF Lausanne