• Let's redress the leaky pipeline

    November 20 2017 at ETHZ, ML H 37.1

    ETHZ and UZH are organizing a gender equality event "Let's Redress the Leaky Pipeline" at ETHZ on Monday 20 November from 13:15 until 16:00, followed by an apero. 

  • Informal coffee talk with Claudia Binder and Carlotta Guiducci

    November 23 2017 at EPFL, PAC88

    An informal coffee talk with Claudia Binder, full professor at EPFL – ENAC, and Carlotta Guiducci, tenure track assistant professor at EPFL – STI is organized for the female PhD students and postdocs on Thursday 23 November at 13:45. 

  • MARVEL Junior Seminar — December 2017

    December 7 2017 at EPFL, MED 0 1418

    Welcome to the eleventh MARVEL Junior Seminar on Thursday December 7, 2017, 12:15 pm, EPFL, room MED 0 1418. Robert Baldock (EPFL, THEOS) gives a presentation on 'Calculating Multicomponent Phase Diagrams with Nested Sampling' and Alexander Hampel (ETHZ) on 'Describing the combined structural and metal-insulator transition in rare-earth nickelates with ab-initio (DFT+U and DFT+DMFT) methods'. The seminar is facilitated by Gloria Capano.

  • MARVEL Junior Seminar — January 2018

    January 18 2018 at EPFL, MED 0 1418

    Welcome to the 12th MARVEL Junior Seminar on Thursday January 18, 2018, 12:15 pm, EPFL, room MED 0 1418. Antimo Marrazzo (EPFL, THEOS) gives a presentation on 'High-throughput search for topological insulators in two-dimensions' and Venkat Kapil (EPFL, COSMO) on 'Multiple time steps in real and imaginary time'. The seminar is facilitated by Quang Van Nguyen.

  • MARVEL Distinguished Lecture — Kieron Burke

    February 20 2018 at EPFL, Room MXF1

    Tuesday February 20, 2018, 16:15 pm, EPFL, Room MXF1, Prof. Kieron Burke (University of California, Irvine), Machine-learning of density functionals for applications in molecules and materials

  • MARVEL site visit 2018

    from 10 to April 11 2018 at EPFL

    The third MARVEL site visit will take place at EPFL on April 10-11, 2018.

  • International MARVEL Workshop 2018

    from 10 to September 12 2018 at EPFL

    The International MARVEL Workshop, open to the international community active in the field of MARVEL, will take place on September 10-12, 2018 in Lausanne. It will replace the scientific part of the MARVEL Review and Retreat. Save the date!