• #NCCRWomen — Meet Chiara Ricca, postdoc in computational chemistry

    "For me, doing research means never stopping learning and improving myself, all while contributing to a better future."

  • #NCCRWomen — Meet Jigaysa Nigam, PhD student in physics

    "Be curious, don't be afraid to ask questions and challenge what you are told. Curiosity doesn't kill as opposed to the common saying, rather it empowers you to perceive beyond what is tangible."

  • #NCCRWomen — Meet Emiliana Fabbri, senior researcher in materials science

    "My advice to young girls who want to pursue a scientific career: do it, because you can!"

  • #NCCRWomen — Meet Miriam Pougin, PhD student in computational chemistry

    "Without research, no progress is possible. To change things, you have to understand them."

  • #NCCRWomen — Meet Giuliana Materzanini, postdoc in computational materials science

    "If you want to become what you truly are, I don't just think it's important to believe in it, I think it's the only thing to do!" 

  • The #NCCRWomen are back!

    After a summer break the #NCCRWomen campaign continues with new portraits showing how women in Swiss research are changing the world!

  • #NCCRWomen — Meet three PhD students from NCCR MUST

    To celebrate the 50th anniversary of women obtaining the right to vote in Switzerland, the 22 active NCCRs have joined forces in a campaign showing how in these 50 years women have come to occupy a central place in research in almost all scientific fields. During this campaign, these female researchers will be showing you who they are, what they do and why they are doing it.

  • A new collaboration points to the future of data

    In collaboration with MARVEL and EPFL, the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) is officially expanding its own focus areas and establishing a new research division: Scientific Computing, Theory, and Data. Here researchers will increasingly focus on the development of new computer and data technology and its use in science. The new research division is PSI's sixth, joining five previously established divisions: Biology and Chemistry; Research with Neutrons and Muons; Nuclear Energy and Safety; Energy and Environment; and Photon Science.

  • Three new INSPIRE Potentials fellows will join MARVEL for their Master's research projects

    We are happy to announce that Nanchen Dongfang (UZH), Emma Lumiaro (Aalto University) and Mathilde Franckel (ECPM, Strasbourg) were granted INSPIRE Potentials – MARVEL Master's Fellowships after the April 2021 call. The three women will join MARVEL labs for a 6-month Master's research project — congratulations!

  • Comprehensive electronic-structure methods review featured in Nature Materials

    Nicola Marzari, head of the Theory and Simulation of Materials laboratory at EFPL and director of NCCR MARVEL, has just published a review of electronic-structure methods as an “Insight” piece in Nature Materials. The article, written with Andrea Ferretti of CNR–Instituto Nanoscienze and Chris Wolverton of Northwestern University, provides an overview of these methods, discusses their application to the prediction of materials properties, and examines different strategies used to target the broader goals of materials design and discovery. Looking ahead, the authors consider emerging challenges in the predictive accuracy of the calculations, and in addressing the real-life complexity of materials and devices. They also stress the importance of the computational infrastructures that support such research, and how the planning for funding these and the supporting career models is only just beginning to emerge.

  • Clémence Corminboeuf wins the Heilbronner-Hückel Lectureship Award 2021

    Clémence Corminboeuf, head of EPFL's Computational Molecular Design Laboratory, and MARVEL Executive Committee member, received the Heilbronner-Hückel Lectureship Award from the Swiss and German chemical societies.

  • Michele Parrinello awarded 2021 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Chemistry

    Michele Parrinello, professor of Computational Sciences at ETH Zurich and the Università della Svizzera italiana as well as group leader in NCCR MARVEL's Design & Discovery Project 1, was awarded the 2021 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Chemistry along with Roberto Car of Princeton University in recognition of their exceptional achievements in the field of molecular dynamics.