Materials Cloud Software Engineer/Web developer (EPFL)

This was published on October 5, 2021

An open position for a software engineer/web developer is available at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) in the NCCR MARVEL, within the Laboratory for Theory and Simulation of Materials (THEOS) at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, under the supervision of Prof. Nicola Marzari and Dr. Giovanni Pizzi.

Outstanding candidates are sought with a background in the physical sciences, engineering or computer science. Candidates are expected to show excellent work ethics and to feel at home working in teams. Candidates should have experience in the development of complex web architectures powered by cloud technologies, with the goal to support the development and deployment of the Materials Cloud, a web portal for computational materials science powered by AiiDA. [AiiDA is a materials’ informatics framework that acts as a flexible and scalable infrastructure to manage high-throughput computations; Materials Cloud is a portal for computational materials science and an online cloud platform.]

This job opening provides the opportunity to join an exciting and very driven international team at the forefront of research in the field of materials discovery and design. The candidate will join the scientific group at EPFL, collaborating with groups around the world (at universities, research institutes and companies) where AiiDA, its plugins and the Materials Cloud portal are developed and used to enable the discovery of next-generation materials.

The project will focus on research case studies for the existing Materials Cloud platform, with primary focus on both the portal frontend (currently migrating from AngularJS to React), as well as support for the backend development (Python+Flask). The software engineer would work with a team of 10+ PhD students, postdocs, and software specialists with diverse backgrounds (physicists, chemists, materials scientists and computer scientists) contributing both to AiiDA and the Materials Cloud.

For interested applicants, scientific research challenges can also be incorporated in the effort (but this is not a requirement).

Major duties and responsibilities

Maintenance and development of the Materials Cloud web portal:

  • development and extension of the main web framework for the whole portal, supporting the scientific needs of MARVEL and the other supporting projects
  • development of custom views to present scientific data interactively (e.g. using Three.js/WebGL, d3.js, …), with data retrieved from the backend REST API
  • continuous deployment and update of the infrastructure on cloud resources using OpenStack, optimization of service scalability and availability
  • communication with users for support, feedback, and strategic development.

Additionally, support further development and extension of the existing python backend that provides the REST API (using the Flask framework) and interacts with large data sets via PostgreSQL and the Swift object store.

The contract is initially for 1 year, as required by EPFL, and renewable yearly up to 4 years upon mutual satisfaction and depending on future funding decisions. Level of employment is 100% on the standard EPFL paygrade (for instance, a gross salary of 83’600 CHF/year for a recently-graduated PhD).

Deadline for best consideration: October 31, 2021.

For details (selection criteria, application), see the full text here:

Other openings in the group are listed here.

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