Two doctoral/postdoctoral positions in 1. high throughput materials discovery and 2. HPC/HTC/HPDA software engineering

This was published on October 27, 2019

Two doctoral/postdoctoral positions are available in the Laboratory for Theory and Simulation of Materials at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, under the supervision of Dr. Giovanni Pizzi and Prof. Nicola Marzari.

Outstanding candidates are sought with a strong background in the physical sciences and engineering alongside a passion for programming.

Candidates are expected to show excellent work ethics and to feel at home working in teams. These job openings provide the opportunity to join an exciting and very driven international team at the forefront of research in the field of materials discovery and design, enabled by AiiDA,an open-source python framework for automated workflow management and provenance tracking.

The candidates will join the scientific group at EPFL, collaborating with groups around the world (at universities, research institutes and companies) where AiiDA and its plugins are developed and used to enable the discovery of next-generation materials.

More details can be found here.

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