PP6 - Informatics

The Informatics Platform (Platform Project 6) is focused on providing the hardware and software infrastructure for the activities of MARVEL, and on populating and disseminating materials data to the scientific community at large. 

Group Leaders

Thomas Schulthess
Project leader
ETHZ, Zürich
Nicola Marzari
EPFL, Lausanne

On the hardware side, these activities involved the procurement and purchase of high-performance computing to support the numerical efforts of all the groups, and the procurement and purchase of a Petabyte-class storage facility for the research activities in data-mining and machine learning, and to act as a public repository of data and workflows.  

On the software side, key efforts are going into the development of the materials informatics platform AiiDA, that implements our vision for future activities in computational science to support high-throughput calculations, data preservation and storage, scientific workflows, and public dissemination.