Work-life balance

MARVEL is committed to enhance work-life balance for students and staff. Information about existing measures, daycare facilities and advice about work-life balance in the different institutions involved in MARVEL are listed hereafter.

120% support grants

The 120% support grant is a measure proposed by the SNSF to increase the flexibility in the scientific career of young parents. This measure is applicable to PhD students and postdocs employed with a work-time percentage of at least 80% in an NCCR, regardless of the funding source.

  • The 120% support grants are awarded to postdocs/doctoral students with child care duties who are pursuing an academic career. 
  • They allow the postdocs/doctoral students to reduce their work-time percentage from 80-100% to a minimum of 60%, or they contribute towards covering the costs of external child care. 
  • If a reduction in the work-time percentage is envisaged, the freed up percentage can be increased by up to 20% so that a further person (technical assistant/lab assistant/scientific assistant) may be employed in the SNSF research project with a work-time percentage of no more than 60%.

Work-life balance in institutions involved in MARVEL

The list below gives a general view of the institutional webportals providing information on measures promoting a balance between professional life and private/family life in the different institutions involved in MARVEL.