The 2017 ACCES Visualization Contest is now open

from September 27 to November 30 2017 EPFL

Organized this semester by ACCES, the platform for Application-Centered Computational Engineering Science, this visualization contest is open to all the students and postdocs at EPFL, alone or in groups up to four people and is part a broader effort at EPFL to embed Computational Thinking into the education of scientists and engineers.

On a practical point of view, each entry to the visualization contest should provide a clear and instructive, aesthetic and creative visual representation, complemented by a pedagogical description of how this representation has been designed for maximal visual effect using Computational Thinking perspectives.

Entries can be static (e.g. an image, a stereoscopic print, a 3D-printed object), dynamic (e.g. an animation, a moving sculpture) or interactive (e.g. Java applet, Mathematica or smartphone / notebook app). The only constraint is that the entry must be based on computationally generated scientific data, such as provided by a numerical simulation, applet or the computational analysis of experimental data (not a photo).

Detailed information and conditions of participation


Registration: 15 October 2017
Entry submission: 30 November 2017

To read the article in EPFL Magazine (in French)