MARVEL is to develop an Equal Opportunity Program to increase the number of female students in MARVEL-related branches, to improve the general awareness about the gender issues, to recruit female PhD students and researchers and to offer a family friendly environment to encourage scientists to consider an academic career.

The main goals of the programme are:

to enable young girls to discover the world of engineering and research by providing them the possibility to have MARVEL-related workshops adapted to their age, meeting female scientists and engineers in these fields as role models, and visit research labs to encourage them to choose scientific fields for their future studies: 

to recruit female scientists and to offer female scientists an adequate environment to develop their career by

  • providing information and documentation about opportunities for women,
  • offering support to build careers, providing tools such as courses and workshop for improving communication, leadership and negotiating skills, mentoring and coaching programs, to answer to their questions, to help them identifying their strengths, detecting gaps and drawing up a personal development plan,
  • increasing their networks by organizing networking activities; academic and industrial networks,
  • increasing their visibility  and promoting them to higher positions whenever possible.

The program runs in collaboration with the EPFL Equal Opportunities Office and Science Outreach Department and is composed of common actions to the two NCCRs hosted at EPFL, Robotics and MARVEL, and of specific actions in the field of MARVEL.