Four postdoctoral/PhD positions in computational materials science at EPFL with Nicola Marzari

This was published on January 13, 2019

Four positions are available at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne with Prof. Nicola Marzari. These positions would typically be suited for a postdoctoral or PhD candidate; if the latter, an early (MSc) track record in electronic-structure simulations is required. One of these positions would also be appropriate for a research software engineer. 

Outstanding candidates are sought with a background in the physical sciences (physics, chemistry, materials science, and others field of engineering) or computer science, with passion and commitment to the field, and with a commensurate academic record. Expertise in the development and application of first-principles techniques is required; experience with high-throughput calculations a plus for position 2) and 3), and needed (unless extensive HPC and C++ is shown) for position 4). Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • one postdoctoral/PhD position on the development and application of Koopmans’ compliant functionals in solids, and further extensions to include dynamical functionals, Bethe-Salpeter integration, or Kadanoff-Baym dynamics
  • one postdoctoral/PhD position on equilibrium thermodynamics, defects, and performance of functional materials
  • one postdoctoral/PhD position on materials properties on demand (through AiiDA workflows) and materials for neuromorphic computing
  • one postdoctoral/software engineer position on high-throughput calculations, and integration and support of Quantum ESPRESSO with SIRIUS (
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